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The Salar del Hombre is located in the eastern part of the Puna de Atacama, on the northern and western limit of the province of Catamarca with the province of Salta, Argentina. Perfect triangle shape with the Salar de Cauchari in Argentina and the Salar de Atacama in Chile, lithium, potassium and boron containers.




Maricunga Project is a viable project in Chile with 8,000 hectares in an area delimited by the government of Chile for the exploitation of lithium. On October 26, 2017, Decree No. 64 of the Ministry of Mining was issued, published on March 1, 2018 in the Official Gazette, which established the conditions of the special contract for the operation of Lithium (CEOL) for exploration and The exploitation of this mineral in the Salic de Maricunga, which establishes a polygon of 39,000 hectares, allows the State to sign a contract with CODELCO, through its subsidiary Salar de Maricunga SpA, so that it can develop such activities exclusively in this area, rectifying thus Lithium policy of the previous government.

already started

In Operation Production

PROJECT: Polimetalic Ore

Mine Production: Perú, Tacna.

Polymetallic Ore Zinc at 10%.

Production today 500 ton increasing to 5000 ton. We will produce Zinc 99.99% with own technology during Jun.

PROJECT: Copper Ore

Mine Production: Perú, Tacna.

Copper Ore Minimun at 10%.

Production today 100 ton to 1000 ton. We are in process of getting small mining plant permission to process 10.000 ton of Cu. Our plan is to get 1000 ton of Cu 99.99% from this mine. Today LIG owns 50% of the property.

PROJECT: Antimony Concentrate

Mine and Plant: Bolivia, La Paz.

Antimony concentrate minimum 60%.

Production today 25 ton to 100 ton. Today we do not own property but we are in the process of get 80% of big property of a big property of antimony with gold. Our plan is increase from 100 ton of concentrate to 500 ton in 3 month. And set plant ecological refinery plant Sb and Au.

PROJECT: Copper Ore


Mine Production: Bolivia, Potosi.

Copper Ore Minimum 10%.

Production today 200 ton to 2000 ton.

Almost Ready

We Are Initiating Production

PROJECT: We start copper cathode production

The plant is already on Serranías mining Property which LIG owns 100%. Today we have 2000 ton permission to process minerals however we are preparing project to increase 30.000 ton per month to produce 600 ton of copper cathode/month. Our Copper cathode Project name is Huantaca Plant and involves 6 mines near Serranias mining Property. We want to evaluate our project considering prototype of 2 technologies: Bionext and DOM-TEC.

PROJECT: Bionex Process Tech

The project develops an innovative closed electrolytic cell of concentric devices with initial permanent cathode sheets that will allow it to be applied at the small and medium scale, contributing to the sustainability of the mining sector. It will be part of a hydrometallurgical process of heap leaching and direct electrowinning, without the leaching solutions being conducted to a purification stage concentration of solvent extraction. Even so, this does not prevent this stage from being incorporated into the future, the mere incorporation of this stage will allow a 100% increase in cathode production, without requiring more electro-winning units.


This technology uses electro-ionic membranes and renewable energy (ERNC) that separate (Electro-Dialysis - ED) and extract metals of interest such as copper, gold, silver , antimony and others (Direct Electro-Obtaining - EOD) from solutions produced by the mining industry, such as industrial waters, mine waters, effluents, waste, refineries, electrolytes, PLS, ILS, separating pollutants, as arsenic and others, of the final product.

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